Design and Build Service

Design and build service means hiring a single contractor for both the design and construction phases of a project. This technique can save a lot of time and effort for the clients and can reduce the delivery time overall.

Along with every other aspect of human life, the construction industry has also gone through extreme evolution in terms of techniques, materials and technology. These advancements have pushed the limits far beyond and opened new doors of unlimited creativity and possibilities. 

With the advancement in techniques, construction projects have become more complicated and difficult to manage. That is why you require engaging an experienced contractor to help you manage your construction project.

SME Builders are highly experienced contractors providing full design and build services in Dartford (DA1, DA5, DA7, DA14, DA15, SE9) for years. We can save you a lot of time and trouble with the help of our qualified engineers and ensure a smooth workflow for your project.

Benefits of Design and Build Process

There are many benefits of opting for the design and build method:

  • The design and build method can reduce the change orders to a minimum.
  • It can save a lot of time by reducing the gap between the design and construction phases.
  • A single contractor can help you reduce the legal fees.
  • Design and construction fees are relatively lower in this method.
  • Design and build contractors provide early cost, material and design inputs.

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Types of Design and Build Process

Design and build can be categorised into two different types:

  • Single-stage design and build process
  • Two-stage design and build process

Single Stage Design and Build Process

In this type of design and build, a single agreement is tailored for the contractor to undertake both the stages of a construction project, i.e., the design stage and the construction stage. This method is particularly suitable when all the necessary information is available to carry out a practical price estimation for the project before the commencement of the tendering process.

Two-Stage Design and Build Process

In this method, the contractor is engaged based on the fee, profit and preliminaries. Then the design work and data collection commence. Once the design is completed, a price negotiation is made between the client and the contractor based on the available information and calculations before starting the second stage, i.e., construction.

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The Process of Design and Build Construction

SME Builders follow the most meticulously designed method to ensure every aspect and stage of the project is given complete attention. Here is how we execute the project:

Pre-Design Phase

During this phase, the project’s goals, scope and requirements are defined. The client’s needs and objectives are gathered and analysed, and initial feasibility studies may be conducted. Our team collaborates to understand the project’s functional and aesthetic requirements, budget constraints, and timeline expectations.

Design Phase

In this phase, our design and build team work to develop the project’s design concept. This includes architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and other necessary engineering aspects. The team collaborates closely to ensure the design aligns with the client’s goals while meeting regulatory requirements and construction feasibility.

Construction Phase

The construction phase involves the actual execution of the project. Our team manages the construction process, coordinates subcontractors, oversees quality control, and monitors the project’s progress. Regular communication between the team members and the client is crucial to address any issues that may arise and keep the project on track and within budget.

Post-Construction Phase

During this phase, we conduct final inspections to ensure that the project is completed according to specifications and addresses deficiencies. We also give our clients a walkthrough of the finished project to ensure their satisfaction. Once everything is in order, the project is officially handed over to the client.

SME Builders – the Finest Design and Build Service

SME Builders have years of experience, having executed more than 34 smoothly completed construction projects. We have a certified and qualified team of architects and engineers who will take care of your project from the pre-design phase to the post-construction one. Contact our experts, and let’s discuss your project to get one step closer to building your dream.