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There is always a time in our lives when we start to feel that our house is no longer sufficient to accommodate our growing needs. That is when you have to decide whether you need to relocate to a bigger house or extend the floor space in your current one. Many people opt for a house extension due to its versatility and affordability.

If you are facing this scenario and want to extend the existing structure of your house and are looking for professional house extension services in Dartford (DA1, DA5, DA7, DA14, DA15, SE9), you have come to the right place. SME Builders are highly experienced contractors with a team of qualified and efficient engineers and architects who can carry out any kind of house extension project at any scale.

Benefits of House Extensions

  • Expanding your house through an extension can increase your living space.
  • A house extension is a better and easier choice than relocating.
  • The cost of a house extension is significantly lower than purchasing a new home.
  • A house extension can efficiently utilise previously unused areas of your house.
  • Building a house extension often does not require planning permission.
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of your house is a positive outcome of a house extension.
  • A house extension raises property value by elevating both the square footage and aesthetics,
  • Countless creative concepts for house extensions are available for you to choose from.

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Types of House Extensions

Single Storey House Extension

A single-storey house extension involves adding one new level to your home. This type of extension can provide extra living space, such as a larger kitchen, dining area, or a new living room.

Two Storey House Extension

A two-storey house extension involves adding two new levels, effectively doubling the size of your home. This extension is ideal when you need significant additional space for bedrooms, bathrooms, or extra living areas.

Side Return House Extension

A side return extension utilises the underused space along the side of your house. It can transform narrow passageways into functional rooms like an expanded kitchen or a utility area.

Rear House Extension

A rear house extension extends the back of your home, creating room for larger living spaces or additional bedrooms. This type of extension can enhance indoor-outdoor flow and provide more natural light.

Wrap-Around House Extension

A wrap-around extension encircles a part of your house, combining rear and side extensions. This versatile option allows you to create various rooms and configurations to suit your needs.

Conservatory House Extension

A conservatory extension involves building a glassed-in room often connected to the rear of the house. This space can serve as a sunroom, greenhouse, or an extra living area that benefits from ample natural light.

Cube House Extension

A cube house extension is a modern design approach that involves adding a geometric cube-like structure to your home. This contemporary style can create unique, eye-catching spaces that blend well with existing architecture.

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Why Do You Need a House Extension Specialist?

Planning and Design

The design of the house extension is an extremely important factor. If the design does not properly amalgamate with the existing structure, your house may lose its aesthetic value. That is why it is recommended that you engage house extension builders to get the best out of your project.

Approvals and Permissions

Most of the house extension projects do not require planning permission, given that they stay within the permitted limits. However, navigating through these regulations can be a complicated task. So, engage an experienced service to help you go through the legalities and ensure code compliance for your project.

Skilled Construction

The work and finishing quality of the project define the final aesthetic. Furthermore, it takes a lifetime and a lot of money for most of us to construct our house. That is why it is recommended to hire experienced house extension contractors with a team of efficient engineers to ensure maximum work and finishing qualities.

How Much Do House Renovations Cost?

There are multiple factors that we have to take into account to estimate the cost of a house renovation project, such as:

  • Type of the house extension
  • The contractor that you choose
  • Legal fees and permissions
  • Any unforeseen events

However, on average, a house extension project can cost you somewhere between £25,000 and £50,000.

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