Loft Conversions in Chislehurst

A loft conversion is when you change the empty loft, the attic space of your house, into a useful room, such as a living area, a home office, or a storage space. It’s a popular way to make your home bigger without expanding the house’s exterior.

Like any construction project, loft conversions in Chislehurst is a complicated process requiring some expert hands to do it correctly. If you don’t know a reliable company to hire and get loft conversion services in Chislehurst (BR1, BR5, BR7), our team of professionals can help you.

Redefine Your Living Space with Expert Builders

SME Builders are a reliable home improvement and loft conversion company. With more than a decade of expertise in the field, we take pride in providing top-quality bespoke services at affordable prices. We handle everything for you, from planning permission to adhering to the latest building regulations.

This way, you can sit down with our specialists and plan the details of your dream loft conversion while we take care of the rest. Throughout the project, we’ll update you on the progress, ensuring you can see how your home transforms. Choose us for a fast, reliable, and experienced loft conversion in Chislehurst.

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What Are the Types of Loft Conversions?

At SME Builders, we offer a variety of loft conversion types to suit individual needs and project requirements. The following is a detailed summary of each option we provide:

  1. Rear Dormer – Extends the roof at the back, providing extra floor space and headroom. Flexible design with various room layouts.
  2. Hip-to-Gable Rear Dormer – Perfect for semi-detached houses, it creates a gable end for more space and natural light.
  3. Side Dormer – Situated on the side of the property, suitable for detached houses with available side roof space.
  4. L-Shape Dormer – Similar to a rear dormer but includes an extra back addition outrigger, suitable for limited rear roof space.
  5. Pitched Dormer – Visually appealing, offers increased headroom in specific loft sections.
  6. Piggyback – Involves raising perimeter walls and creating a new pitched roof for substantial headroom and living space.
  7. Mansard – Features a sloped face of 70 degrees, providing a versatile and visually appealing space.
  8. Velux/Roof Light – Cost-effective option, utilising roof windows for natural light, typically found in detached properties.

Each kind has its considerations and advantages, and our experts will stand with you to select the best loft conversion solution for your home.

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What Are the Advantages of Loft Conversion?

  • Increased living space: A loft conversion can provide valuable extra space, which can be utilised as an office, bedroom, playroom, or home cinema.
  • Increased natural light: A loft conversion can increase the amount of natural light in your home by adding windows or skylights.
  • Increased value of your home: A loft conversion can magnify your home’s worth by up to 20%.
  • Improved ventilation: A loft conversion can improve the ventilation in your home by adding new vents or fans, reducing condensation and improving the air quality in your home.


Loft Conversions in Chislehurst

Second Fix and Decoration

The staircase area is plastered, and the second fix for electrics and plumbing is completed. We start decorating your loft conversion and add doors, skirting, handrails, and spindles to the staircase.

Final Touches

The decoration is finished, and we thoroughly clean the area, removing all waste. You inspect your new loft conversion and can suggest minor changes if desired. We ensure your complete satisfaction.

Final Inspection and Certification

After that, your loft will be ready for a final check. We’ll arrange a building control inspection to ensure everything meets the required standards and give you the necessary certification.

What Is Involved in Loft Conversion?

SME Builders follows a simple step-by-step process to ensure a smooth and successful loft conversion. The following are the steps typically involved in the process.


We set up scaffolding and receive materials. We access your loft through the roof, so no interior access is needed.

Structural Alterations

Our team makes necessary structural changes and adds steel joists if needed.

Roof Work and First Fix

Loft floor joists are put in place. If building a dormer loft conversion, we construct dormers separately. External roof work, including roofing and guttering, is completed. The first fix for plumbing and electrics is done.

Dormers and Insulation

The dormers are finished, and the loft floor is installed. Roof windows are added, and internal walls are constructed. We insulate walls and provide roof ventilation.

Plastering and Staircase

Walls are plastered, and an opening is made for the new staircase. We install the staircase, requiring access to your home’s interior.

A loft conversion usually takes around 10-12 weeks. The actual time can change as per the type and size of conversion you pick.

Yes, a loft conversion can add substantial value to your home. On average, it can increase the value by 10% to 20% or even more, depending on factors like size, design, and type of conversion.

For a loft conversion to be feasible, you generally require a clear head height of at least 2 metres. Our surveyor will assess your space to confirm if it meets this requirement.

Yes, you can use your own plans for the loft conversion. We are more than just happy to work with you to bring your dream living space to reality. Our expert team will come together with you to accomplish the desired results.