Loft Conversions in Welling

A loft is a space embedded between the roof and the rest of the house and mostly serves as a storeroom for unused items. Often at times, access to lofts of houses is also limited and is only possible through the use of a ladder or a set of stairs. However, some people, through creative thinking, turn lofts into striking liveable spaces with their amazing choices in lighting and other visual elements, together with the help of specialists such as SME Builders.

SME Builders

SME Builders is an award-winning building company providing services ranging from full-build to roofing and loft conversions in Welling (DA15 8PA, DA15 9PN, DA16). Our services have been deemed market-leading, and we have enough testimonials from our customers to prove our claims.

Loft Conversion Services

A loft conversion is turning an uninhabitable loft into a place of great utility. We at SME Builders are one of the pioneers of loft conversion services in Welling and have turned lofts into full-scale bedrooms, secondary kitchens, and dining spaces.

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Benefits of Loft Conversion

Availing loft conversion services from SME Builders is not without its benefits, which we will be discussing now!

Addition of Space

Once your plans regarding loft conversion have been realised, you can now avail all the benefits associated with the decision, including an addition to the habitable space in the house, which becomes possible without the need for investing in real estate.

A Cost-Effective Upgrade to House

As we have already mentioned, you add more liveable space to your house without having to increase its footprint – all through the process of loft conversion, which has the tendency of being easy on the pocket, especially if there is no extra structural work required.

Elevated Value of Your House

As the conversion of your loft will enhance your home’s standard and liveability, it is also likely to raise its value. Therefore, a house with a converted loft will fetch more market value than one without it.

Various Types of Loft Conversions

SME Builders offer various types of loft conversions. We take a look at some of the most popular types.


In this particular loft conversion, SME Builders will add dormer windows to increase headroom. Once this conversion has taken effect, the loft will have flat walls and roof. This dormer can be used as a bedroom, study, or even a nursery.


This loft conversion can be compared to adding a new storey to your house. When doing a Mansard loft conversion, SME Builders will replace the slope of the roof and add an almost vertical wall and a mostly flat roof. This loft conversion attempts to increase the space of the loft when there is already very little; it also requires planning permission.


This is the cheapest form of loft conversion since what it primarily entails is adding windows to the roof, providing light and ventilation. Insulation and floor strengthening would also be desirable in such a conversion; however, there will be no major changes made to the loft space.


This loft conversion only applies to a house with a slanted front or back. In such a situation, gable walls replace the hip ends of a roof. The roof is also extended to meet these gable walls, enlarging the loft space and providing more headroom in the process.


Also referred to as pre-fabricated loft extensions, these are units of loft that are fabricated off-site and only fitted to the house when prepared and the roof has been taken off. This loft conversion offers the advantage of taking the least amount of time. Once a modular loft extension has been craned into place, the roof is then built around it.

Roof Structure

There are a couple of roof types that people get installed in their homes, and the type of roof you pick impacts the strategy the loft conversion builders of Welling will deploy for the conversion task.

Trussed Roofs

These roofs are difficult to convert. During the loft conversion, beams have to be inserted to strengthen the rafters and support the floor.

Traditional Roofs

These are rather simple and straightforward, with beams required to support the new floor structure after the loft has been converted.

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Other Major Uplift Ideas for Your Loft

Apart from the loft conversion type you want, there are other services offered by our company in Welling that give a major uplift to your loft. We list them all down below.

  • Bathrooms
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Sound-proofing
  • Heating
  • Electrical Circuitry
  • Windows and Ventilation
  • Lighting

If you are a local resident and planning to get your loft converted, get in touch with SME Builders, loft conversion specialists in Welling. We delight in guiding you through your needs assessment and planning, giving you the best quote for your loft conversion.


If there is sufficient headroom and space within the loft and it does not need roof extension, it is perfectly possible to turn your loft into a bedroom, or even a study or a man cave.

This actually depends on the range of conversion services that you will be availing. However, on average, the cost within the range of £20,000 to £40,000 is bound to incur on a moderate loft conversion.

Depending on the complexity of your project, it may take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for the project to be completed. This is just an estimated figure based on the average time taken on loft conversion projects and is not a hard and fast rule.